More selected projects

We designed the brochure and promotional campaign for 'Inner_Spaces 2016', a series of monthly events taking place in Milan at Auditorium San Fedele from January 25 to May 14.

Presented by San Fedele Musica and S / V / N / Savana in collaboration with Manuela Benetton, the 2016 edition hosts artists such as Berry Truax, Andrew Quinn, Bernard Parmegiani (acousmatic direction: Dante Tanzi and Giovanni Cospito), Francisco López, Otolab, Bellows, Robert Lippok, Valerio Tricoli, François Bonnet (GRM Archive), Mats Lindström (EMS Archive), R/S (Rehberg/Schmickler), Oren Ambarchi + Thomas Brinkmann, Jonathan Prager.

Project: Visual Communication
Client: S/V/N, San Fedele, Manuela Benetton
Format: Brochure, DIN A6 (flyer), Digital Advertising
Year: 2016