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Sound design, interaction design, technical support and video documentation for Italian artistic duo Guido Ballatori and Silvia Luciani’s installations "Entropia di una sistemazione semplice" and "Autodafè".

Project: Installation Design, Sound Design, Technical Direction
Client: Guido Ballatori, Silvia Luciani
Format: Mixed Media 
Year: 2010—2012


"Autodafè" is an installation about agriculture and death. Our collaboration consisted in designing a fully immersive sonic environment. We used a combination of diegetic and extradiegetic pyres recordings, processed and spatialised through a quadraphonic sound system.


"Entropia di una sistemazione semplice" is an immersive mixed media installation putting in relation architecture and medicine through the speculative use of smell and sound. The installation presents itself as a room, a 5.1 sound system, marine salt, and a giant bee wax circle in the middle of a golden wall. The installation was conceived as an olfactory and auditory system for people affected by blindness. The interactive system included a video body trackers, ultrasound proximity sensors and piezo pressure sensors. "EDUSS" was produced and hosted by Museo Omero of Ancona (IT) from July until September 2012.