Sur les traces de Lygia Clark

Director Paola Anziché, Irene Dionisio
Field Photography, Camera, Poster Design
Poster Dimension 70 x 100 cm [W x H]
Font St. Mary
Film Lenght 25 min.
Place Turin/Paris
Year 2011

The film tells, through the memory of five participants, different experiences in the class named ” the gesture communication” held by Lygia Clark. Originally from Brasil, the artist Lygia Clark worked as a Professor at the Sorbonne University in Paris between 1970 and 1975.The five participants, tracked in France, explained the guidelines of the lessons that were proposed to the viewer. Their testimonies accompanied the reconstruction of the so called “super 8″ where it is described a few moments as a sort of collective ritual. Relying on their memories and watching the few precious pictures and footage remained, they recall and recount different moments that are typical of those intense situations that they lived in person. Through a sort of twisted words wire a series of visions put on stage the sensory and perceptual pathways.

Dvd, color, sound, 25 min
Hdv-super 8 film

Written and directed by: Paola Anziché, Irene Dionisio
Historical Research: Paola Anziché
Director of Photography: Irene Dionisio, Davide Luciani
Hd/super 8/camera operator: Irene Dionisio, Davide luciani
Editing: Paola Anzichè, Irene Dionisio
Sound recording: Alessandro Sciaraffa
Sound design: Paola Anziché
Translations: Daniela Cabreira, Anne Couzon Cesca, Francesca Zappia
Color correction: Irene Dionisio
Archives; Bibliotèque Kandisky, Paris
Photos: The World of Lygia Clark, Alessandra Clark, Rio de Janeiro

Gaëlle Bosser, Michel Durand-Dessert, Annette Malochet, Philippe Oudard, Denise Renè, Natalie Seroussi

Tersa Aleman, Paola Anzichè, Veronica Cantono, Irene Dionisio, Sara Dellabella, Chiara Fraticelli, Giulia Gallo, Erika La Ragione, Alice Lospinoso, Davide Luciani, Silvia Luciani, Valentina Pagnalonga, Yael Plat, Paolo Peroni