Mama Rayhuana

Director Francesco Dejaco
Duration 5′17″
Field Sound
Project Film Score
Location Perù
Year 2014
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Mama Rayhuana is based on a legend of the central Andes of Peru. The legend tells the story of a woman who, due to the pain suffered by the death of her son, turns into a glacier.
After a long period of famine caused by the constant neglection of humans towards nature, the birds, first living beings appeared in the world, ask Mama Rayhuana to save humanity from death. Feeling pity for the humans, she decides to teach them the secrets of agriculture, and how to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

This short film reflects the relationship between humans and nature, so important for the Andean ancestral tradition, and its inexorable decline in the contemporary globalized societies.

The shooting was done in different regions of Peru (Huancavelica, Lima, Amazonas, Puno, Ica) between 2013 and 2014.