Like A Wild Beast’s Fur

Client Nicholas Mockridge, Kantine Am Berghain
Color Pantone + CMYK
Dimension 70 x 100 cm [ W x H ]
Edition 500
Field Graphic Design
Font Bodoni Old Face, Trade Gothic Condensed
Year 2014

Like a Wild Beast’s Fur (abbreviated LAWBF) is a Berlin based showcase that presents a hybrid art form and functions as a collective. The collective, which was founded in 2014, currently holds a bi-monthly residency at Berghain, setting up shows in the Kantine venue. Every show is a unique combination of theatre and performances by internationally acclaimed artists. All pieces merge modern electronic music with theatrical explorations of literature and pop-culture. LAWBF is headed and curated by Nicholas Mockridge and Daniel Cupic and is comprised of notable artists across all age groups.