Project Promotional Campaign
Tech Details A1, DIN A6, Banner
Client Lawbf
Artwork Mark Brandenburg
Curator Nicholas Mockridge
Production Daniel Cupic
Location Kantine am Berghain
Event LAWBF V – Psychose 4.48 Nach Sarah Kane
Year 2015
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„Please open the curtains.“ An electronic and theatrical performance by „Like a Wild Beast’s Fur“ with Volker Spengler and Jasna Fritzi Bauer.

‘Psychosis 4.48′ is the last piece by Sarah Kane (1971-1999). Regarded as one of the most important dramatists of our time, she penned „Psychosis 4.48“ prior to her suicide.
Putting up a great fight for survival, she finally said goodbye. Passionately, yet full of tenderness she describes that which nourishes and destroys her. Life itself, her own self. Perceiving the world around her. The mortality we are born with.
Always at 4.48, neither morning, nor night, she awakes to complete lucidity. Searching for someone who doesn’t exist, searching for a love that isn’t there, searching for a something opposite her that will never be. Breaking down in isolation amidst a torrent of medication and self-inflictions, she finally disappears hoping that death is truly an ending.
Fragmented dialogues, harrowing thoughts, calm recollections of phantasmagorical fears – Kane allows us a glimpse into her final days as she veers towards a radical tragedy.

„Black snow falls in death you hold me never free“

LAWBF takes on this dark monolith with Volker Spengler and Jasna Fritzi Bauer, an infernal duo. Aboard this haunting vessel Mieko Suzuki & Masimo Pupillo will provide an atmospheric Live-soundtrack. Finally, Berlin artist Marc Brandenburg will stage a scenography and costume that will set a black sun ablaze. The LAWBF DJs will warm-up the night and connect the dots.

Special thanks to Katharina Matz.