Project Promotional Campaign
Tech Details Broadsheet, B/W
Client Lawbf
Curator Nicholas Mockridge
Production Daniel Cupic
Location Kantine am Berghain
Event LAWBF IV (Trans – Berlin – Express)
Year 2015
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Trans – Berlin – Express is a showcase curated to make gender definitions obsolete and bow to the mighty LGBT. An artist that has transcended the borders and constrictions of heteronormative thinking is the DJ, activist, computer musician and artist Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles. His opus „Soullessness“ is thought to be the longest album of all time (clocking in at a cool 32 hours runtime). His EP’s on Mule and as labelhead of Comatonse are geared towards intelligent dancefloors. A complex „Gesamtkünstler“ that is difficult to fathom. Theatrically, Sprinkles is paired with the british author Mark Ravenhill, who will unleash a Lecture Performance. Ravenhill is one of the radical proponents of contemporary drama. His is a voice that speaks openly and shows us the world we live in as one that lacks identity and frantically searches for things to believe in. A vocal adversary of Britains UKIP and ignorance in general. He will be musically supported by Friederike Bernhardt, who is a LAWBF veteran and has composed a special soundtrack to the authors take on F.H.A.R. The LAWBF DJs will warm-up the night and connect the dots.