Interstitial Spaces

Dimension Variable
Field Sound Art
Material Multichannel PA
Project Software Development
Year 2013 – Present

Interstitial Spaces (F90111) is the follow-up to Fabio Perletta’s 2013 CD Field: Atom(s) Entropy. With this new work Perletta investigates the physical phenomenon of the “Interstitial Space” which is the point in a crystal lattice where the perfection of the atomic structure is broken or suspended resulting in open spaces for unexpected resonances.

After his investigations of entropy with Field: Atom(s) Entropy, here the underlying inspiration is anomalies within atomic structure such as vacuums and alien particles deep inside matter. The album consists of two pieces, each developing as an exploration of the most minimal and hidden particles of sound. Inspired by Yoctometer, which is measure of length that is equal to 10-24 of a meter (0.000000000000000000000001 m), the project delves into the relationship between visible and invisible. Both pieces grow from silences and rarefied molecules of sound, increasingly thickening into combinations of microscopic events and delicate drones.

Composed entirely by using a self built software called Seijaku (静寂, Japanese: silence), the album draws upon human perception by using almost imperceptible frequencies and hushed tones in order to investigate a new perspective into the nexus of science and music through the use of technology.

Interstitial Spaces is presented here as a multichannel (quadraphonic) sound diffusion run through a self built software provided by artist. Performance lenght: 40-50 min / Endless Loop