Café OTO + SoundFjord

Client AIPS
Color Pantone + RGB
Dimension 70 x 100 cm [ W x H ]
Edition 2
Field Advertising + Web
Font Frutiger LT Std
Project Poster Design
Year 2013

Taking their cue from Gianmarco Del Re’s column on Fluid Radio, which profiles the most interesting sound artists and musicians currently operating within the Italian electroacoustic scene, Giulio Aldinucci and Attilio Novellino have launched the Postcard from Italy project articulated into an album and a live event.

Each of participant artists from the Aips collective were asked to take field recordings in their own respective cities and areas, which were then redistributed amongst the group on an anonymous basis in order to be reworked and processed. The resulting multifaceted sonic snapshots of the Italian peninsula is the first official release of Aips’ new Oak Label and it is available, for the first time, at a special gig at Café OTO in London.

For this especially conceived event, the musicians used their field recordings as raw material for three live sets taking their own personal and very distinctive approaches to sound into uncharted territories by mapping out new immersive environments.

A special installation by the AIPS collective took place at SoundFjord (14 June – 21 July, 2013). The show aimed to explore the concept of identity linked to that of place by focusing on sound recordings of areas in Italy affected by earthquakes, landslides and man-made environmental disasters, alongside those of the new towns born in their wake interspersed with music that explores space and meaning in other ways.