Almost became invisible and slowly disappear

Project Audiovisual installation
Details Video HD, b/w, Sound 2.1, 05:10
Director, Editing, Sound Davide Luciani & Claudio Rocchetti
Production Mote
Premiered at MusMa Museum of Contemporary Sculpture
Event Dal Segno al Suono, dal Suono al Segno (2015)
Curator Vincenzo Santarcangelo
Year 2015
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“Almost became invisible and slowly disappear” is an audiovisual installation created by Davide Luciani and Claudio Rocchetti. The installation leads to a meditation of forms, a transient world, metaphorically related to the process of memory, where anything beyond its immediate perception disappear into an outer world.

The audiovisual has been produced by Mote and premiered worldwide at Musma (Matera, IT) as part of the festival “Dal Segno al Suono, dal Suono al Segno V Edition” curated by Vincenzo Santarcangelo and with the partenership of Radio 3.

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